Syndicated Research Service

Syndicated Research service provided by VortexBG is a specialized service that is totally tailored to you. with this service , we provide you with complete data of prospective buyers in the Arab countries .

VortexBG Syndicated research service covers All Arab Countries including GCC & MENA Countries .

Benefits :

  • Ultra high Quality Clients in GCC and MENA countries .
  • All clients provided have strong financial stability and directly connected to your industry .
  • We do the job for you and  introduce your company to the prospective buyer, you just need to make a  phone call and start negotiations .
  • Free market orientation regarding your products in the designated country .
  • you can choose the country of interest and can  be changed to other countries using your package balance.
  • Annual contract with many subscription options.
  • Free semi annual market reports in the industry / market of interest.


All you need to do is to specify the countries / industries and any additional requirements , subscribe to our SRS and our professional researchers will do the job for you. you will receive  detailed reports that exactly matches your demands.


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