General Market Research Services

At VortexBG we are widely open for all kinds of market research services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, through our big experience and GCC  market knowledge we proudly offer a full range of market research services that include :

1.  VortexBG  On-field Market Research Services 

Countries Covered : Saudi Arabia , UAE , Kuwait , Oman, Bahrain and Qatar

On-field or field market research services, we  perform the research by appointing researchers to directly obtain information from the consumers. They interview respondents and record their responses to derive accurate data. This is the most interactive form of market research.

2. VortexBG  Customized Market Research Services

Countries Covered : Saudi Arabia , UAE , Kuwait , Oman, Bahrain and Qatar

when a business requires answers to only a few specific questions, we dedicate  our custom market researchers to do a specific market research specifically as per our clients need  . All the research material, then, is prepared and completely analyzed as per the client’s desired purpose.

This leads to several services including the following :

1. Product Review

To engage in product development, it becomes important for a company to familiarize themselves with the kind of products desired by the masses. Before a product or service is launched, our product researchers study its desirability in the market. This enables them to prioritize the consumers’ perspectives rather than compelling them to buy things that they want to sell.

2. Descriptive Research

Descriptive research is the best way of finding answers to questions like the total number of people using the product, the popularity of the goods and services, its upcoming demand, as well as the list of competitors , Shelf price and so.

3. Consumer Loyalty Study

In today’s highly competitive market, it is important to maintain a customer base. But this is difficult not only for the companies but also for the customers because there are so many options to choose from. A regular and satisfied customer may not essentially be loyal. Therefore, knowing why customers prioritize a brand is important so as to alter and maintain the quality and pricing.

4. Pricing Review

The price of the product is determined by evaluating its supply and demand rate. If the pricing is too high, only a certain group of people will be able to access it.  Our Market research helps to know whether or not the customers are satisfied with the current pricing of the product with the help of pricing review.

All our services are available at your request in  Saudi Arabia , UAE , Kuwait , Oman, Bahrain and Qatar

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