Client Authentication

Got tired of fake buyers?

Have you ever received a purchase order from an unknown company that promises great profit and lost time and money then it turned to be a scam attempt?


We at VortexBG do our best to support your business growth in all methods , and avoiding fake overseas buyers is one of the most important methods to really get to know who is your pretended customer and is he real or fake.

Client authentication is done by on-field investigation and comes up with a complete report about your client that (According to your needs ) may contain :

  • Client Authentication (Real or Fake client)
  • Client’s size and presence in the market .
  • Client’s main market.
  • Client’s suppliers and his reputation.
  • Financial stands ( direct / indirect )
  • Legal stands.
  • And many more .

Just like that! we act as your private market research agency and let you avoid any risk in your overseas trade.

This service is now available in Saudi Arabia and soon in all GCC.


Send us your request and the information you need and we will be at your service.



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